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Break The Routine

Release Date: 6th August 2017
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Album Review

When we heard the first recordings of these (at this time underaged) youngsters from the Isle Of Wight back in 2013 we already wanted to know: If these boys will carry on, if they will earn their stripes, if they will become a real number in the slowly grey-turning Oi! and Punk scene. Three singles and one 10“ later, GRADE 2 are still here and present their debut album called "Break The Routine“. 11 tracks (including Intro) which ripened well, great song writing skills - recited with juvenile enthusiasm, which nearly make it impossible to draw comparisons with other bands of today. GRADE 2 developed their sound into a real 2017 trademark - same as bands such as NOI!SE, RUDE PRIDE or LION’S LAW did before. The band mashes up some Mod-influences into their solid Streetpunk which leads to a charming, slight poppy catchiness. To leave the place with an empty phrase like "Oi! Ain’t Dead“ would not fulfill the requirements, as "Break The Routine“ is even more than an Oi! or Streetpunk record, it’s a dynamic, inspirational Punk album with attitude and a big heart.
- Contra Records