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Mainstream View

Grade 2: Mainstream View
Release Date: 10th February 2016
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CD includes 6 bonus tracks taken from previous releases.

Album Review

The boys from the Isle Of Wright are back! Already impressing on 2014’s “Broken Youth” EP and last year’s split 7” with Saints & Sinners, the lads from Ryde are ready to take it to the next level with their latest mini-LP “Mainstream View” for Contra Records!
“Mainstream View” proves that Grade 2’s members’ Sid, Jack and Jacob aren’t just growing (up) in the literal sense of the word, but that their musical capacities are growing rapidly as well! Because in comparison to their previous releases, the eight new songs on “Mainstream View” sound stronger, bolder and better than ever before!
Musically Grade 2 still shows resemblances to a band such as Lion’s Law, but for some reason an Oi!-ish version of The Generators comes to mind as well while listening to tracks such as “All I Know”, “Mainstream View”, “Rise Up”, “On Our Own” and “Forever”. The superb melodies of both guitar and back-up vocals, in combination with the striking choruses make sure that “Mainstream View” is an extremely catchy and powerful album, bound to stick to your slipmat for days!
Besides a 10” version, “Mainstream View” also comes as a CD version and features the aforementioned releases, giving the compact disc a total of 14 songs. Keeping in mind that these guys are still under 18, the future is looking very bright for Grade 2!
- American Oi!