BF Vienna with PROi!EKT
4th September 2015
8:00 pm
Vienna, Austria
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Bf Vienna presents:

Grade 2 ( Oi! / Uk )
For 2 years, this young Oi band exists !
Young is to be taken literally in this case, because the average age of the band is 16-17 years.
A demo 7 ” has already been published and the next release is coming soon – of course again the house label Contra Records .

PROi!EKT ( Oi! / Cz )
PROi!EKT have existed for 13 years and are one of the most important bands of the Czech Oi! Movement !
As part of its record release tour for their latest album ” Music for Boot Boys and Scooter Boys ” for the first time they make a stop in Vienna .