Great Skinhead Reunion
4th June 2016
2:00 pm
Brighton, UK
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The event runs from noon on Friday 3rd June until around 2am Sunday 5th. with a pre party drink on Thursday for early birds.

The Great Skinhead Reunion. was started in 2011, to celebrate the best youth and fashion culture ever prodiuced by the British working class. A worldwide subculture, which started in the mid 60’s. We celebrate our Subculture, remember friends no longer with us. listen to the music we love and party, like only Skinheads know how.Tickets available The great skinhead Reunion, Brighton, England, now in year 6 a full 3 days of skinhead mayhem, boots, beers and bad habits, around 9-12 bands, 30 Hours of dj. Skinheads from across the globe celebrating the best subculture the world has ever known.