Mondo Bizzaro, Rennes, France

Posted by Jack Chatfield Category: Gigs

This weekend has been quite the experience to say the least, we had a sick time, but of course I can’t not bring up the fucking awful tragedy that is the Paris terrorist attack that happened on the same day… I think this is the first world tragedy I have experienced that has genuinely upset me. During our set we didn’t have as much of a crowd but I didn’t think much of it, you can’t really compete with Rixe on their turf. However we shortly found out the reason for this as we got off the stage, just before our set started, people began to hear the news. A lot of the guys at the gig were from Paris and I can’t even begin to imagine what they were feeling when they found out. So as you’d expect they go off, make the calls they need to make to their friends and family. As far as I know, no one at the venue had any friends or family affected from the attacks fortunately. But you could just feel the pure sadness it put on everyone, it really got to me. Not just the horrific news itself, but knowing how our friends from Paris felt as well. I sincerely wish them the best and to the rest of Paris.


Desprayforparispite what had happened we still tried to enjoy ourselves so we kept on drinking and tried to keep our spirits up. But going back to the gig itself, I’m gonna have to say that this was one of the best gigs we’ve played in a long time, if not to date. Not because we played particularly well, in fact I lost my voice half way and made plenty of mistakes -but then again it wouldn’t be a Grade 2 gig if me or Sid hadn’t hit a flat note at some point- but because of the crowd and the atmosphere. We hadn’t heard the bad news, and I’m assuming everyone who was still watching us also hadn’t yet so we we’re all having a sick time. A large sum of people actually knew the lyrics to like 2 or 3 of our songs I was fucking amazed! And even when we we’re playing new songs that no one knew, they were still moshing and even trying to sing the words which was genius. A small, packed venue, with a crowd like we had is what we live for. Sure playing big crowds on big stages is exciting and shit but with this kind of gig you just get to fuck around and go mental and if you fuck up no one gives a shit. We’ve played 3 gigs in France, and all of them have been exactly as I just described; small, packed and mental. I’m beginning to like this place.

Speaking of great things about France, we had some absolutely raucous cheese backstage. There was this blue cheese which I didn’t get the name of, wouldn’t be able to pronounce it anywaRennes Wattie Sidy. And holy shit it was the strongest blue cheese I’ve ever experienced, it was amazing. Me and Jacob were eating that shit like candy and dear god did I pay the price for it the next day. On top of that we were rinsing out all the French Blonde beer, well Sid wasn’t, he was being a wet boy and hitting the Heinies. This led to the horror we woke up to in our hostel the next morning… Sid had said he had a memory of someone get up in the middle of the night and then hearing the sound of water flowing and splashing onto the floor. And what do I wake up to? At the bottom of the ladder on my bunk is a great puddle of piss from the mighty Jacob Hull who was too mangled to find the toilet. But here’s the thing, my fucking jeans and my bag full of all my shit is in this puddle and had all night to soak it up. It was only a day trip so I only packed one pair of jeans, I was left with no other option than to wear pissy jeans on the journey home with my pissy bag. The little shit didn’t even care, fuck you Jacob.