Peter Pan, Bellinzona, Switzerland

Posted by Jack Chatfield Category: Gigs

PizzaaaIt’s the morning after from last nights gig and we’re ready for a meaty Italian breakfast. So we head into the town of Monza and hit up a local pizza place to get some of them beautiful dough discs from heaven. Now we can say we’ve had the 2 most generic meals of Italy, Pizza and Pasta. Then as we had the rest of the day to kill we went and did a bit of sight-seeing. We don’t always get a chance to go look around, usually it’s just gig, travel, gig, travel, repeat. So it’s always nice when we have some spare time to actually see the country we’re playing in. Oh and we actually had the other most generic Italian food, Gelato. Even though it’s was the end of November and fucking freezing it had to be done. It was hands down the best ice cream I’ve ever had, it kind of just made me realise how shit it is in the UK.

After our day out in Monza we experienced the scariest car journey of our lives. Our good friend Dario, who we had met last night, was also coming along to our gig in Bellinzona and was kind enough to be our driver. Before we started driving he said to us ‘I’m so fucking wasted’ and we kind of awkwardly laughed not knowing if he was serious or not. Turns out he wasn’t, but I thought he was, we got lost about 3 times and was driving in the middle of the lanes for half the journey. We love you Dario, we really do. But your driving is quite terrifying. All was well though, we eventually made it to the venue in one piece.

There was a beautifully sized pool table back stage at tneutral bombshis venue which was sick. So naturally Dexter and Toby battled it out in an intense game while I commentated. However Jenkins got destroyed in a Best Of 3 games 2-0. Dexter was just too much for him. But it was a good game, Jenkins put up a good fight. Later on Neutral Bombs take the stage and by this time I had actually looked up their songs grade 2 bellinzonaafter hearing them for the first time last night, and learnt the lyrics to the chorus so I could sing along like a mad cunt. Then during our set Sid managed to break a string the fucking cretin, luckily Matte, the bassist of Neutral Bombs, was there to save the day and lent Sid his bass. And once again Jenkins performed top notch as expected, Jacob would be proud.

After all that raucous it was time to head back to Ricu’s. We were preparing for another horrifying car journey home, but turns out I just passed out the second I sat down, I don’t know how close we were to death so it’s alright. When we got in we went to sleep to the soothing sound of Jump Up DnB lullabies chosen by DJ Hamilton Cork. Sid was enjoying it a little bit too much, he was starting to get annoying after a while, the fat prick.