The One, Cassano d’Adda, Italy

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Xmas SelfieThis was a very special weekend for us, as it was our first gig with none other than the infamous Mr. Toby Jenkins, our secondary drummer. In case anyone’s wondering, Toby hasn’t replaced Jacob, Jacob is still in the band but can’t do all of our gigs as he’s become quite busy recently, so Toby comes in when Jacob can’t make it. So anyway, as we had never travelled to played a gig with anyone other than our original line-up we were all pretty excited to see how it would Alpsplay out. The travelling was quite the experience, we got off the ferry to find out our train had been cancelled, so we all kind of shat ourselves. But no worries we found another one to get on that got us to the airport in time. On our journey from Gatwick to Milan we flew over the Alps! We had never seen them before from a birds-eye-view so we were fucking amazed at these huge snow mountains that were right next to us. We got some decent pictures but even then the camera does not do it justice. Definitely something everyone should see in person, cool as fuck.

After landing in Milan we head off to the venue for the first gig of the weekend, at The One. Really sick little venue, had a decent bar with an underground venue, you could have about 50+ people down there and it’d be pretty packed, and with 70+ people saying they would come on the Facebook event we were pretty hopeful. Obviously Facebook events never give you an accurate idea of how many people actually show up, usually it’s a bit less. So we were expecting more like 40/50 people, still a pretty decent amount. But guess how many people showed up? Nah seriously just guess, go on. Ok I’ll tell you, 8. Fucking 8. Now I don’t wanna seem like I’m pissed off cause people didn’t come watch us, I don’t actually give a shit, cause we still had a sick time with the other bands and had a good night. I just felt bad for Ricu, the promoter of the gigs this weekend. He’s brought us all the way over to Italy, puts on a show for us, puts us up for the night, provides us with food/drink and the rest. And everyone who says they’re gonna come, doesn’t show up. It’s a real shame.

But anyway, we got to the venue and we we’re all pretty starving, all we had had all day was a filthy maccers from Gatwick. And it wouldn’t be a trip to Italy without some sick cunt pasta, and my god did we have some sick cunt pasta. It wasn’t even that amazing, it was just standard pasta with a really nice tomato-y sauce, but it was just so necessary and beautiful.

The first band of the night was The Defectives, really cool guys with a really cool sound, and they are crazy as fuck. Half way through their set Luca, the guitarist, broke his strap so he decided to just put his guitar down and become the dedicated backing The Defectives vocalist and professional entertainer. These guys are playing to like 7 people, and he’s literally doing flips off the front of the stage, smashing the microphone on his head, jumping off the monitor, he’s absolutely insane and I love it, and that’s how he earned the title ‘Back Flips and Backing Vocals’. Big respect to them for not giving and shit and going hard, great band.

another culture diesNext up was Neutral Bombs, we had met Dexter before, their lead singer, he’s a really sound guy, but had never heard the band. And oh my tits are they fucking good. I didn’t know what to expect from them, they’re pretty new so I guess I wasn’t expecting much. But they got some fucking solid songs and they’re sick live. I would seriously recommend checking them out. In fact I want you to check them out so much I’m gonna prompt you to listen to this song: ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ from their 7 track EP ‘Another Culture Dies’ Great stuff. Really hope we can play with them again soon.

So then it’s our time to shine on stage, Jenkins was shaking in his boots, was he gonna perform well on his first gig with us? Course he did. It all went smoothly, you wouldn’t even notice we had a different drummer if we blacked him up. So yeah we had a good time and got mangled, what else can I say.

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